Saturday, November 12, 2011

Holistic self-help book cuts medical costs

Dr Tom Potisk, co-author of Wellness Wins, published another holistic health book for the general public- 

Whole Health Healing Book

Get and Stay Healthy Now!
Whole Health Healing Book
Whole Health Healing Book $24.95
Do you want to protect and improve your health?
Are you struggling with a health problem?
Are you feeling frustrated and victimized by the high-priced, high-risk, conventional healthcare system?
Your health and your wallet will benefit when you apply even one of the recommendations presented in Whole Health Healing.
Dr. Tom Potisk, one of America’s top natural health practitioners, provides information and tips to help you make wiser healthcare decisions, save money and time, and become healthier. This book frees you from depending on conventional medical care alone. Dr. Potisk’s extensive training and
experience, combined with his easy-to-implement instructions in this book are revolutionizing healthcare worldwide.
“This book contains cutting edge, useful information for everybody. This is the
answer to the health care crisis in the US”. – Dr. Jerry Zelm
“I’m a mother of 5 kids. My whole family is benefiting and I now feel in control of
my family’s health. I’m saving hundreds of dollars!” – Wanda Herloff
“I suffered for years with headaches and spent thousands trying everything. Thanks
to Dr. Tom, I’m pain free and enjoying life again.” – Elizabeth Gilbert
Whole Health Healing reveals:
  • Specific natural help for more than 40 common maladies like arthritis, digestive disorders, weak immunity, and even fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue.
  • Why your body’s structural alignment may be the missing link you need.
  • Safe, effective, and easy exercises/stretches, and those to avoid.
  • How to stay healthy while growing older and truly enjoy it.
  • The truth about what real health is and how to get it.
  • How the current “healthcare” system misleads you.
  • How to enjoy eating without fear or weight gain.
  • How to raise healthier children.
Dr. Tom Potisk receives Chiropractor of the Year award from the president of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Asociation
Dr. Tom Potisk receives the Chiropractor of the Year award from the president of the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association

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