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Wellness Wins! Health and Wellness Bonanza workshop

Wellness Wins! Health and Wellness Bonanza - news release.

     Area health professionals are bringing a Health and Wellness Bonanza to the Center for Life Enrichment Thursday, Feb. 16 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon.
     Two of Wisconsin's leading wellness doctors will share a bonanza of health and wellness information in an empowering workshop taking place at 1306 W. Wisconsin Ave., Oconomowoc. Featured will be Dr. Tom Potisk, D.C. and Dr. Jerry Zelm, D.C., addressing timely, noteworthy topics including: How to release your body's healing power, ways to enjoy eating without weight gain, the essentials of a good night's sleep, exercises that really work and those to avoid; secrets to eliminate stress and destructive habits, and techniques to avoid the four greatest dangers to your health. Motivational speaker Donna "Kinza" Christensen will offer opening remarks.
     Dr. Jerry Zelm has been a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic for 38 years. Before completing his undergraduate training at Milton College and the University of Wisconsin White-Water, Dr. Zelm served in the Army National Guard and trained as a medic.  Zelm received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1973.  He has served on six short-term mission teams to Jamaica and Poland with the Christian Chiropractor’s Association, bringing healthcare to hundreds of individuals in these countries. The Oconomowoc chiropractor continues to practice in a semi-retired status from his local office.
     Dr. Tom Potisk is one of America’s leading natural health care practitioners.  He was elected Wisconsin Chiropractor of the Year, has been frequently published, and continues to lecture extensively.  His goal is to improve lives by empowering others to make wiser healthcare decisions. He also teaches doctors across the country on how to reclaim joy in their professional practices while providing excellent care to their patients. He, his wife and three children live holistically on a farm in southern Wisconsin. For the general public, Dr. Potisk has written a book titled, Whole Health Healing – The budget-friendly natural wellness Bible for all ages. For doctors he has written, Reclaim The Joy of Practice – An advanced guide for advancing doctors.  Both books can be obtained at his website www.thedowntoearthdoctor.com.
     The Wellness Wins! program represents over 60 years of health-caring by Drs. Jerry Zelm and Tom Potisk.  "Come join us as we share exciting ideas for a healthier, happier life," said Zelm.  

     Drs. Zelm and Potisk recently co-authored a workplace wellness book called Wellness Wins!, a simple guide to a healthier, happier life. Cost for the workshop is $29, and includes a signed copy of the book. Registration begins at 8 a.m., and food and beverages are available at the adjoining Lake Country Cafe. Seating is limited. For reservations call 262 354-1375 or email djuhl@lho.org.

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Dr Tom Potisk Explains Another Sign from Nature - Red Morning Sky

The natural world holds amazing lessons that can help and guide us. Dr Tom Potisk AKA The Down to Earth Doctor shares many natural and holistic tips to improve wellness, health, and well-being.